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Looking for ideas on how to pass your torch and get your friends to light theirs? Remember, every time someone uses your unique URL to light their torch, you are one step closer to winning an amazing prize! Not sure how to use your unique URL? We have answers here.

Inspire your friends and classmates to pass their torches through email and on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. Here are some resources to make it easy to get the message out.


Copy and paste the text below. Tweak it to make it your own!

I just passed my torch for Colgate and you should too! Our time on the hill was amazing – I’ll never forget those days. When we make a gift to Colgate, we are showing today’s students that they can count on us just as we depended on the alumni that came before us. Click this link to light your torch: (insert your unique URL).


Change your profile image. Click the thumbnail below, and then right click to save photos. Upload as your Instagram profile photo.

Share a photo or video about why you are passing your torch. Include your unique URL

“I’m passing my torch to make sure that students at Colgate have the same amazing experience I had. Pass yours at (your unique URL).”

Share your video or image with us and we’ll post it in our stories! 


Take a fun video about why you are passing your torch. You can even pass a “torch” in your video. Send that video to your friends and follow up with your unique URL. If you share it with us on Snapchat, we’ll post it in our stories!

Here is our Snapcode!


Change your profile image and cover art. Click the thumbnail below, and then right click to save photos. Upload them as your Facebook cover and profile photos.

Use these sample posts:
Post a picture from your time at Colgate, tag your friends and encourage them to pass their torch.

"I passed my torch to support liberal arts education at Colgate. Pass yours at (your unique URL)"
"Join in on the excitement - pass your torch and support Colgate students today! (your unique URL)"


Share these torch images and include one of the posts below:

"I passed my torch for Colgate, now pass yours! (your unique URL)"
"I’ll always hold a flame for Colgate, but I’m still passing my torch. Light your torch at (your unique URL)"

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